Building the science, solutions and spaces for sustainable transformation and lasting impact

We are EA - Earth Action, powered by impact 

EA is not just a consultancy, or a research organization, or a generator of important social and environmental impact initiatives. EA is all of this and more. We use research, intuition, and passion to develop, test, and implement solutions that will quickly address the most significant sustainability challenges facing the world.

EA’s broad service offering enables companies to address the new business imperative of mitigating environmental impacts from their operations.

We choose projects with maximum impact in mind, ensure that we scope projects to deliver measurable and tangible results, and we seek every opportunity to empower individuals and organizations to drive change at scale.

Services & solutions

Mitigating environmental impacts to maximize value creation is now a business imperative. No matter what stage of the sustainability journey an organization finds itself in, EA provides the assessments, analytics and actionable plans to expedite needed transitions. 

Pour les organisations suisses

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All about plastics

EA has pioneered solutions and initiatives to address the plastic pollution crisis including the first plastic footprinting methodology, standardized global plastic pollution metrics, and identification of global plastics waste management limits.

Prominent environmental NGOs, multinational corporations, and regulatory bodies at local, national, and international levels trust and turn to EA for plastics expertise as well as opportunities to collaborate on mitigating the threat plastics present to global ecosystems and human prosperity.

Initiatives & Actions

EA embodies a genuine commitment to shifting the narrative of the planet’s future. In practice this means investing our profits and time in initiatives to scale solutions to the most pressing environmental issues.

By uniting stakeholders, harnessing our resources and expertise, and fostering collaboration, we act to develop the system-changing methodologies, networks and programs necessary for humanity to live and thrive within planetary boundaries.

EA – Earth Action

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