Initiatives & Actions

EA maximizes impact by strategically reinvesting our profits and talent to launch initiatives and encourage urgent action in response to threatening environmental issues

As with everything that EA does, the foundation of our passion projects is combining strong science with the active engagement of local and global stakeholders.

By uniting diverse perspectives and influential voices, EA fosters collaboration and collective action, amplifying the effectiveness of critical efforts.


A commitment to leading constructive dialogue and building lasting partnerships sits at the forefront of EA’s approach. Along with research projects and consulting services, EA-powered initiatives create platforms and spaces to bring together individuals and organizations who share a vision of a better future for the planet and people.

Plastic Overshoot Day

Plastic Overshoot Day is the date when the amount of plastic waste outweighs the world’s ability to manage it, with environmental pollution occurring as a result. In 2024 the world will reach Plastic Overshoot Day on September 05th. EA’s Plastic Overshoot Day initiative was launched in 2023 to support UN Plastics Treaty negotiators and other global actors working to address the plastic pollution crisis.

To establish global and local state of the plastic pollution crisis, EA analysts assessed 1000s of metrics and created new metrics to shed a new light on this crisis. This initiative calls upon engaged professionals and concerned individuals to contribute towards reversing the crisis of plastic pollution.

Initiatives & Actions

Swiss Climate Action

Swiss Climate Action is an initiative to identify, test and execute effective solutions to combat climate change in Switzerland. While numerous approaches have been proposed locally in the past, none have successfully engaged representatives from the entire Swiss ecosystem or identified strategies tailored specifically for the country. 


Swiss Climate Action website offers a wealth of valuable information and insights about our project. We are actively seeking partnerships and collaboration opportunities with organizations that share our commitment to addressing climate change. 

Initiatives & Actions

Plastic Footprint Network

Unifying the methodologies and perspectives of leading scientists, experts, and global practitioners, the Plastic Footprint Network (PFN) enables organizations to understand the full impact, or footprint, from the use of plastic in their products and across their operations.


PFN was founded with the support and involvement of environmental consultancies, plastic credit providers, plastic standard setters, NGOs, business coalitions and brand owners. Members contribute to and benefit from a single, unified venue to source their secondary data and metrics about plastic pollution and are supported in their efforts to measure and mitigate plastic pollution through a clear and regularly updated methodology along with direct support from experts, consultancies and other network partners.

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