About ea

We are not just a consultancy, research organization, or driver of system change. We encompass all of these and more, united by a broad commitment to drive transformative change.

We are Superspreaders (of impact)

From the beginning EA was envisioned as a place where the world’s current path towards exceeding planetary boundaries could be addressed at multiple levels.

The first level, like the roots of a dandelion, is robust research, providing the foundation that supports all other efforts. EA services, solutions and expertise can be understood as the stem, with direct support being provided to foster the growth and success of clients and partner organizations. With these anchors in place, EA is positioned to directly and indirectly disseminate research-based and practical initiatives and action to create a ripple effect of positive impact and necessary change.

EA’s commitment to broader change is also firmly established in the organization’s design where all profits generated in the for-profit side, EA Sàrl, are reinvested in the non-profit arm, the EA Association, to support scientific advancements, global partnerships and the design of research-based solutions to expand environmental responsibility and reign in humanity’s impact on the planet.

News & Press

Recognized worldwide, EA’s expertise garners invitations for interviews and media coverage, inspiring organizations, businesses, and citizens to embrace sustainable practices and collaborate in reducing their environmental footprint.

The Power of Dual Expertise Unleashed

Science & Business Co-CEOs Driving Sustainable Value Creation

EA is co-led by Julien Boucher and Sarah Perreard whose combined expertise and impassioned commitment to resolving major environmental issues provides EA with a unique position in the sustainability world.


Julien, with a PhD in Environmental Science, has made remarkable research and functional contributions, particularly in plastic footprinting methodologies and modeling micro/macro plastic pollution. Leading EA’s technical efforts, he employs his unique « scoping for impact » approach, transforming complexity into actionable plans for meaningful change.


Sarah brings a strong understanding of corporate realities to EA built through diverse commercial and business development roles at renowned companies. An early commitment to circular economy themes led to invitations to lead global transformation projects, where she achieved success through understanding and engagement of large stakeholder groups.

Open positions

At EA, we believe a core responsibility is empowering individuals to make a positive impact on the world. Our ambition knows no bounds and just as we strive to secure global ecosystems, we strive to create a professional environment where we accomplish the seemingly impossible while enjoying the process. We believe in giving every problem a fighting chance.

Environmental Sustainability Consultant / Project Manager

We are looking for an Environmental Sustainability Consultant/Project Manager to support our team in guiding our clients toward a more sustainable future.

LCA Expert & Consultant

We are looking for experienced consultants with expertise in Life Cycle Analysis and related disciplines (carbon footprint, modeling, ecodesign etc.) to join our Swiss-based team.

LCA Analyst

Science-oriented analysts with a passion for improving the environmental performance of clients are encouraged to consider this analyst role with EA

Julien Boucher, PHD

Founder, Co-CEO and Head of Research & Science


Scoping for Impact, Methodology Development, Plastic Footprint, LCA, Circularity, Waste Management Data

Julien Boucher is an entrepreneur and sustainability expert with over 20 years of experience in sustainability consulting, research and eco-design.


With a PhD in Environmental Science, Julien co-founded Quantis in 2006 (sold to BCG in 2022), EA- Environmental Action in 2012, and Plasteax in 2021.


He has recently played a central role in the development of plastic footprinting methodologies and the modeling of micro and macro plastic pollution. Julien is the lead author of more than 20 publications and scientific reports-among which is the IUCN most downloaded report- and has conducted consulting projects for more than 200 clients. Julien is a member of the board of directors of REFFNET, ENEC and ASL, and a professor of environmental sustainability at EPFL, UNIL, HES, UniGE, SUMAS.
At EA, Julien leads the technical efforts with his signature « scoping for impact » approach, transmitting his skills with breaking down complexity into actionable plans.

Sarah Perreard

Co-CEO and Stakeholder Engagement Lead


Business development, Sales and Marketing Strategy, Industry Applicability, Design Thinking, Stakeholder Engagement

Sarah has over 16 years of experience in business management and consulting in plastic. With a Master’s degree in Business Management from the University of Geneva and an innovative mindset, she spent the first 8 years of her career in various commercial and business development roles at DuPont, working across diverse sectors and company sizes.

Her expertise in the circular economy led her to work with global clients on product innovation for circularity at DuPont and Dow, where she successfully led and mentored multi-stakeholder field projects involving midstream and downstream local companies in South Africa and MiddleEast, NGOs and governments. In 2018, Sarah led the development of the “Extended Producer Responsibility Systems for Packaging Waste –Information and recommendations for the MENA region” report, working with Cyclos and the University of Rostock, in the context of supporting the Jordan government with EPR implementation.

In 2019, Sarah left the corporate world to pursue her passion for creating systemic change and value as an independent consultant. In 2021, she co-founded Plasteax with Julien Boucher and later joined the EA team, bringing her extensive corporate knowledge and expertise to drive sustainable value creation. Sarah leads the secretariat of the Plastic Footprint Network, steering stakeholders from across the plastic value chain towards accountability and ambition.

Marine Manche

Environmental consultant and technical footprint expert


Carbon Footprint, Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Engineering, Spatial analysis, Sustainable Cities

Marine Manche holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering. Her specialization lies in the implementation of sustainability practices and decision-support tools for companies and public entities, particularly in areas related to spatial planning and building design.


As a project manager and technical carbon expert at EA, Marine leverages her expertise to develop life cycle assessments (LCAs), quantify carbon footprints, and formulate climate strategies for Swiss and international companies. She also lends her proficiency to creating custom impact measurement tools based on client requests.

Danaé Bataillard

Environmental consultant and communication manager


Carbon Footprint, Intersection of Natural and Manufactured Systems, Communication

Danaé Bataillard holds a Master’s degree in Ecology and Evolution, specializing in assessing human impact on ecosystems.


At EA, she works as an environmental consultant, assisting companies on their sustainability path, starting from assessing their carbon footprint to developing, supporting, and implementing climate strategies. Leveraging her experience in scientific communication and mediation, Danaé also manages enterprise communication by overseeing websites, social media, and creating related materials.

Charlotte Stadler

Environemental & Research Analyst


Credits Mechanism, Business Management, Project Management, Sustainability Assessment & Strategy, Corporate Innovation

Charlotte Stadler joined EA during her Master’s degree in Sustainable Business and Innovation to conduct research on plastic credit mechanisms. Her interest in the complexity and challenges of transitioning to a circular and sustainable plastics value chain grew after participating in a European Commission-funded project aimed at innovating towards the development of the plastic circular economy in Europe.


At EA, she works as an environmental analyst at the intersection of existing and emerging solutions to the plastic pollution crisis and private sector commitments. Charlotte is a critical thinker and driven sustainability practitioner passionate about creating sustainable, positive environmental and social impact.

Virginie Galdemar



Admin and Finance

With two Master’s degrees, one in Economics and the other in Sociology, Virginie Galdemar has devoted 15 years to working in management, policy implementation, and social policy evaluation.


At EA, Virginie manages payroll, oversees overall and projected accounting and handles invoicing. She also serves as the administrative point of contact for the organization, and provides HR support for the entire staff.

Melissa Gomis, PHD

Senior Environmental Consultant


Environmental Specialist, Environmental research, Climate Change, Chemical Pollution, Science-Policy Interface, Data Visualisation.

Melissa Gomis holds a PhD in environmental sciences, equipping her with a strong technical background in environmental and exposure modeling of chemicals. With over 10 years of experience in the environmental sector, Melissa has delved into various environmental issues. As a project engineer in a consulting company, she conducted environmental and social impact assessments for construction projects in West Africa. As a senior science officer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group 1, she coordinated and contributed to several reports of the 6th Assessment Cycle, working at the science-policy interface. She also has experience in data visualisation.

Driven by a desire to contribute to the global dialogue on plastic, Melissa joins EA to work on projects related to the plastic treaty. Her role involves bridging science, corporations, and policy, leveraging insights from the field of climate change to implement strategies for waste reduction.

Martina Gallato

Data Analysis Lead and Technical Expert on Plastic


Mathematics, Data Optimization, PlasticFootprint Assessment, Plastic Waste Management

Martina Gallato holds a master’s degree in mathematics. After three years of experience as a researcher at EPFL, she joins EA to apply her mathematical expertise to address environmental challenges. Striving to make a meaningful impact, at EA Martina leads the technical analysis for a range of plastic-related projects, including assessing companies’ plastic footprints, and conducting research reports on plastic.


Martina led several working groups within the Plastic Footprint Network (PFN), and managed interactions with its scientific committee to ensure the integration of their expertise in the final PFN publication.

As data analysis lead at EA, Martina also overlooks the development of the Plasteax plastic waste management data platform, with a focus on plastic packaging and textile value chain.

Christophe Badertscher

Environmental Consultant and Business Development


Business Operations, Infrastructure and Human Activities

Christophe Badertscher completed his master’s studies in hydrogeology and gained valuable experience working across various companies. His career journey led him to the Office of the Environment in the Canton of Jura, where he assumed leadership as the head of the installations and human activities department. His pivotal role in crafting the canton’s climate plan sparked a profound interest in driving forward the ecological transition.


At EA, Christophe serves as an environmental consultant, contributing his adept project management skills and extensive experience in human activities and installations to the team. Additionally, he plays a crucial role in business development. Beyond his contributions at EA, Christophe holds the position of Romand Secretary for Reffnet, the Swiss network dedicated to resource efficiency.

Adrienne Gaboury

Strategic communication specialist


Impact Assessments, Strategic Communications

Frances Storey

Social Media Manager and Events Coordinator


Stakeholder Engagement, Event Organization, Social Media

With a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development, Frances has made significant contributions to areas like food sovereignty, plastic reduction, and gender advocacy. As the Head of Partnerships at SHE Changes Climate, she plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration and building a strong community.


At EA, she applies her skills across various projects to monitor and evaluate partnership activities, including social media engagement. Frances also advises on campaign strategy to maximize engagement and assists in translating complex scientific research into shareable content.

Noémie Voirin

Enviromental Consultant and Project Manager


Project Management, Sustainability Education, Carbon Footprint

Noémie holds a master’s degree in Foundations and Practices of Sustainability, with a specific focus on sustainability education and the adaptation of schools to address the challenges of ecological transition.


At EA, she serves as an environmental consultant and project manager, specializing in guiding businesses through their sustainability journey. Her responsibilities encompass evaluating environmental impacts and creating tailored environmental training programs that empower employees to implement precise and impactful actions. Additionally, she leverages her experience in translating complex scientific concepts for the general public and organizing sustainability-focused events.

Irene Hofmeijer



Advocacy and plastics expert

Irene has over 12 years of experience in plastic pollution management. She is the founder of Life Out Of Plastic – L.O.O.P., an internationally awarded for profit social impact company in Peru, where she advised both private and public sector stakeholders on plastic pollution mitigation. She worked with all actors across the plastics recycling value chain in Peru. From collecting data at dumpsites to partnering with recycling associations, Irene has first hand experience in the equity and social issues of plastic pollution. As a youth and gender liaison for COP20, she dealt with a complex political environment. For her work leading to the adoption of a law that regulates single-use plastics in Peru, she facilitated spaces for dialogue between private and civil society sectors that resulted in the unanimous adoption of the legislation by congress. Irene is a seasoned facilitator who can build bridges between sectors. 


At EA, she serves as an expert in advocacy and plastics, leveraging her extensive expertise to support the plastics team in research projects and supervise the Plastic Footprint Network working groups.

Charlotte Durieux

Environmental Consultant and Project Manager


Sales and Marketing Strategy, Innovation, Carbon Footprint, Life Cycle Assessment, Change Management 

Charlotte is a dynamic professional with a rich background in corporate marketing and a fervent dedication to environmental sustainability. After graduating from the ESSEC Business School, Charlotte embarked on her career journey in marketing within the corporate sector, where she gained valuable insights while working at L’Oréal.
Driven by a growing awareness of environmental challenges within the corporate landscape, she transitioned her career path to explore different business models in the outdoor sports industry where she honed her understanding of sustainability issues. She actively participated in various think tanks and discussions within the outdoor sports community and recognized the need for businesses to take bolder actions and scale up their environmental strategies.
Determined to make a broader impact, Charlotte furthered her knowledge by pursuing additional education at ENSAM, focusing on Change Management and Sustainable Innovation.
Now, as a member of the consulting team at EA, she leverages her diverse expertise to support the execution of large-scale projects. Her role involves collaborating with clients to develop effective environmental offers tailored to their specific needs. Charlotte is passionate about driving positive change and helping businesses navigate the transition towards a more sustainable future.

Rhys Davies

Product Development Expert


Innovation, Product Strategy, Design thinking, Technology

Rhys is a technology and product development expert and a self proclaimed sustainability hobbyist. In a past life Rhys gained a masters degree in mechatronics engineering, worked in R&D for a drone start up, and was a researcher in applications of carbon fibre in renewable energy systems. But Rhys didn’t like being told when to engineer and instead pursued his passion for a career in sustainability and international development.


He worked as a product manager and developer advocate for Ubuntu and various Ubuntu related products. As a community manager and open source advocate in various tech communities. And as the first product manager working on digital climate solutions at South Pole.


Rhys joins EA to help scale impact by leveraging, and or building digital tools and products.

Riccardo De Gennaro

Data Specialist


Data Analytics, Coding, Data Modelling

Riccardo De Gennaro holds a PhD in materials science and engineering. During the years of research, he developed powerful computational tools to design materials for applications in renewable energies. Driven by the passion towards sustainability issues, Riccardo joined EA where he is applying his research experience and strong analytical mindset to tackle plastic footprint projects.


By combining his experience in scientific modelling and software development, Riccardo is working to enhance the capabilities of PLASTEAX, EA’s data platform for plastic waste management.


Riccardo is also leading several working groups within the Plastic Footprint Network (PFN), managing the interactions with industry experts to define general methodologies for plastic footprinting.

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