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We are not just a consultancy, research organization, or driver of system change. We encompass all of these and more, united by a broad commitment to drive transformative change.

We are Superspreaders (of impact)

From the beginning EA was envisioned as a place where the world’s current path towards exceeding planetary boundaries could be addressed at multiple levels.

The first level, like the roots of a dandelion, is robust research, providing the foundation that supports all other efforts. EA services, solutions and expertise can be understood as the stem, with direct support being provided to foster the growth and success of clients and partner organizations. With these anchors in place, EA is positioned to directly and indirectly disseminate research-based and practical initiatives and action to create a ripple effect of positive impact and necessary change.

EA’s commitment to broader change is also firmly established in the organization’s design where all profits generated in the for-profit side, EA Sàrl, are reinvested in the non-profit arm, the EA Association, to support scientific advancements, global partnerships and the design of research-based solutions to expand environmental responsibility and reign in humanity’s impact on the planet.

News & Press

Recognized worldwide, EA’s expertise garners invitations for interviews and media coverage, inspiring organizations, businesses, and citizens to embrace sustainable practices and collaborate in reducing their environmental footprint.

The Power of Dual Expertise Unleashed

Science & Business Co-CEOs Driving Sustainable Value Creation

EA is co-led by Julien Boucher and Sarah Perreard whose combined expertise and impassioned commitment to resolving major environmental issues provides EA with a unique position in the sustainability world.


Julien, with a PhD in Environmental Science, has made remarkable research and functional contributions, particularly in plastic footprinting methodologies and modeling micro/macro plastic pollution. Leading EA’s technical efforts, he employs his unique « scoping for impact » approach, transforming complexity into actionable plans for meaningful change.


Sarah brings a strong understanding of corporate realities to EA built through diverse commercial and business development roles at renowned companies. An early commitment to circular economy themes led to invitations to lead global transformation projects, where she achieved success through understanding and engagement of large stakeholder groups.

Meet the team

Passionately dedicated to problem-solving.

EA’s diverse team combines expertise in various sustainability domains, offering tailored solutions and expansive perspectives to clients and partner organizations.

Open positions

At EA, we believe a core responsibility is empowering individuals to make a positive impact on the world. Our ambition knows no bounds and just as we strive to secure global ecosystems, we strive to create a professional environment where we accomplish the seemingly impossible while enjoying the process. We believe in giving every problem a fighting chance.

Environmental Sustainability Consultant / Project Manager

We are looking for an Environmental Sustainability Consultant/Project Manager to support our team in guiding our clients toward a more sustainable future.

LCA Expert & Consultant

We are looking for experienced consultants with expertise in Life Cycle Analysis and related disciplines (carbon footprint, modeling, ecodesign etc.) to join our Swiss-based team.

LCA Analyst

Science-oriented analysts with a passion for improving the environmental performance of clients are encouraged to consider this analyst role with EA

EA – Earth Action

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