Solving the Global Plastic Problem: Will international treaty help reduce levels of plastic waste. Arirang News

This interview sheds light on the pressing issue of plastic pollution and its far-reaching consequences for the environment and human health. In commemoration of the 2023 World Environmental Day, renowned experts Sarah Perreard, Stakeholder Engagement Lead at Environmental Action, and Maria Westerbos, Founder and Director at Plastic Soup Foundation and co-founder of the Plastic Health Council, provide insights and perspectives on the risks posed by plastic and the challenges of recycling.

The interview covers topics such as the drivers behind the exponential growth of plastic production, the presence of toxic chemicals in plastics, the environmental impact of incineration, the harm inflicted on marine life and food chains, the health risks associated with microplastics, the low rate of plastic recycling, potential toxicity in the recycling process, efforts to regulate single-use plastics, the significance of a UN treaty on plastic production and pollution, and individual actions to address the issue.



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