EA Earth Action is a mission-driven research consultancy that designs solutions and metrics for a sustainable future, leading the development of plastic footprint methodologies and data. With expertise in studies of plastic pollution, EA identifies and addresses critical sustainability knowledge gaps, developing the data and applying insights to create research trusted by scientists and actionable by all. EA channels profits and time into developing science and broad-stakeholder initiatives, living a commitment to building a world where the needs of people, planet and profit are brought into balance.



Plastic, contrary to popular belief, consists of more than just polymers. Alongside polymers, a diverse range of additional substances is incorporated into plastic. These additives are instrumental in augmenting specific attributes of the plastic material, including its visual appeal, strength, resilience, and adaptability.


This report unveils a groundbreaking methodology for quantifying the release of additives caused by the mismanagement of plastic waste. It emphasizes the necessity for heightened disclosure regarding the constituents of products, along with the widespread adoption of efficient waste management protocols on a global scale.

Initiatives & Actions

Plastic Footprint Network

Unifying the methodologies and perspectives of leading scientists, experts, and global practitioners, the Plastic Footprint Network (PFN) enables organizations to understand the full impact, or footprint, from the use of plastic in their products and across their operations.


PFN was founded with the support and involvement of environmental consultancies, plastic credit providers, plastic standard setters, NGOs, business coalitions and brand owners. Members contribute to and benefit from a single, unified venue to source their secondary data and metrics about plastic pollution and are supported in their efforts to measure and mitigate plastic pollution through a clear and regularly updated methodology along with direct support from experts, consultancies and other network partners.

Services & solutions


EA launched Plasteax in 2021 after recognizing that there was a significant gap in data about plastic pollution.  


The expansive Plasteax platform provides global metrics and actionable information about the reality of plastics once they reach the end of their life. Users can access data at polymer and application levels, standardized for all countries in the world.


With over 20’000 datapoints already loaded and updates every month, Plasteax is regularly accessed by private, public and civil society organizations for reliable and actionable metrics on plastic pollution worldwide.


To encourage wide usage, a significant amount of Plasteax data is open source and available to all, with the full dataset available by subscription.

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