Evaluating Scenarios Towards Zero Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is a pervasive problem on a global scale, extending across oceans, lakes, rivers, soils, sediments, the atmosphere, and even animal biomass. Insufficient capacity within waste management systems at the global level hinders the safe disposal or recycling of plastic waste, consequently leading to an inevitable surge in plastic pollution in the environment.

This research focuses on modeling the stocks and flows of land-based sources of plastic pollution throughout the entire value chain. It specifically examines municipal solid waste macroplastics and four primary sources of microplastics.


In order to prevent an overwhelming accumulation of plastic in the environment, urgent and coordinated global action is imperative. This action should encompass efforts to reduce plastic consumption, enhance reuse, improve waste collection and recycling rates, expand the availability of safe disposal systems, and foster innovation within the plastic value chain.



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