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Consultation with Stakeholders

Barriers assessment

The citizen and sector coalitions will help the project team examine barriers that might prevent successful solution implementation. Together we will design instruments and strategies to remove the identified barriers and support the implementers of those solutions to scale them more rapidly (i.e. through taxes, subsidies, trainings, laws and policies, nudging strategies, targeted communication campaigns, etc.).

Empower people

71.  Switzerland

37        million tons


A full panel of solutions will be designed to reduce CO2 emissions in Switzerland and push back down the temperature by 1.5°C (Scenario 1) or even 2°C (Scenario 2) 

At the center of the interconnection between research, consultation and engagement, the Swiss Climate Drawdown initiative turns science theory into practice. 


Total CO2 eq. emissions per year (2019)

6 tons

Include Citizens Voices

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Switzerland is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world with consequences seen across the local economy, the natural environment, and the physical and mental health of citizens. Existing efforts to mitigate climate change have not adequately incorporated citizen input, or addressed citizen’s fears and the barriers preventing acceptance and implementation across societal sector

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Per capita CO2 eq. emissions per year (2019)

14 tons

Creation od a multi-chanel platform (i.e website, online community, survey tools, social media). This will enable citizens to participate in deciding what solutions are relevant and acceptable for them

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"A solution is only a solution if it gets adopted" - Sarah Perreard, stakeholder engagement lead at EA

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Social media





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Amass and deploy of resources and expertise to identify and implement science-based climate change solutions in Switzerland.

These will are developed in collaboration with stakeholders in each sector and citizens.

Creation coalitions of public and private sector members to represent their groups’ interests and to define an acceptability rating system with a strategy and tools for collecting input about acceptability proposed solutions




Through social medias, campaigns and trainings we aim at keeping everyone active and engaged. Climate change is everyone's problem, therefore the solutions as well should belong to all!


A scientist - led effort will examine an extensive list of possible solutions and create scenarios that will undergo consideration by stakeholders across all key sectors

Acceptability Rating Plan

A tight collaboration between the scientific team and the network of stakeholders and citizens...

And overall....

A team of scientists and sustainability experts will lead the project ensuring scientific rigor is at the basis but that pragmatic solutions are found therefore real impact will be guaranteed.


10        billion tons

   5         billion tons

    3         billion tons

1.    China

2.    USA

3.    India

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...together to define an acceptability rating system with a strategy and tools for collecting input on the acceptability of proposed solutions.

Scientific operational team

Advisory board

Sarah Perreard

Julien Bucher

Danaé Bataillard

Alexandre Bouchet

Noémie Droux

Paola Paruta

Margherita Pucino

Feiyi Li

Scientists, project managers and  sustainability experts

Climate scientists, experts on biodiversity and sustainability of various sectors


Energy and transport



Advocacy and regulation


Project Drawdown

Citizen engagement

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