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 Identifying, executing and supporting the implementation of science-based climate change solutions in Switzerland

Developed with, acceptable to and approved by citizens and stakeholders in each sector. 

"A solution is only a solution if it gets adopted" - Sarah Perreard, stakeholder engagement lead at EA

At the center of the interconnection between research, consultation and engagement, the Swiss Climate Action initiative turns science theory into practice. 


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All Project Drawdown solutions applicable to Switzerland will be modelled to assess the full potential of emission reduction and sequestration, for Switzerland to not only align with a 1.5°C scenario, but also to improve its resilience to extreme climate conditions which will become more regular.

Independent and science-base lens for a clear vision

A scientist - led effort will examine an extensive list of possible solutions and create scenarios that will undergo consideration by citizen and stakeholders across key sectors.

The total inclusion of citizen voices as a key enabler

Creation of a multi-channel platform will ensure citizens participate in deciding what solutions are relevant and acceptable for them

Consultation with Swiss stakeholders

Creation of public and private sector members groups to define the acceptability and implementability of solutions, align around a common goal, and define an adoption roadmap.

Diversity of perspectives to remove barriers

Once united around common solution goals, we will identify together the barriers that might prevent successful solution implementation. 

Instrument and strategies (policy needs, engagement etc.) to remove the identified barriers will be designed, enabling the implementers of those solutions to scale them more rapidly.

Swiss Climate Action is led by EA team of scientists, sustainability practitioners and stakeholders’ engagement experts, with the support from Drawdown Switzerland. Together we ensure scientific rigor coupled with pragmatic approach to activate solutions.


Scientific Operational Team

Julien Bucher, PhD

Paola Paruta, PhD

Alexandre Bouchet

Feiyi Li, PhD

Margherita Pucino, PhD

Noémie Droux

Cecilia Manzoni

Stakeholder engagement team

Sarah Perreard

Adrienne Gaboury

Danaé Bataillard

Advisory Board

The advisory board covers a broad range of expertise in climate, biodiversity, engagement, policy and activism.

  • Biodiversity and Climate

  • Drawdown solution

  • Citizen engagement

  • Advocacy & Regulations

  • Agriculture

  • Energy & Transportation

  • Construction & Real estate

  • Economy


Swiss Climate Action is an initiative by                         



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