Primary Microplastics in The Oceans

Plastic waste encompasses a wide range of sizes, from easily noticeable and removable large items to tiny, unseen particles.

This report stands out as one of the initial efforts to quantify the leakage of primary microplastics and highlight their significant contribution to global ocean plastic pollution. It achieves this by utilizing modeling techniques that assess the sources and leakage of microplastics from economic and household activities. Importantly, the report relies solely on publicly available data rather than field measurements.


This report emphasizes the significant role of primary microplastics in global ocean plastic pollution. It highlights the need for a fresh perspective that goes beyond conventional waste management strategies to address the issue. To effectively tackle plastic pollution in the oceans, it calls for approaches centered around eco-design and considering the entire lifecycle of products. It also emphasizes the importance of engaging key stakeholders from various sectors, including the private sector (such as textile and automotive industries) and the public sector (including water treatment and urban infrastructure planning).



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