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EA – Environmental Action is a Swiss-based team of sustainability leaders committed to delivering innovative and actionable research and consulting services to global organizations. Through its non-profit division, EA reinvests profits and directs talents into impactful initiatives, including Plastic Overshoot Day.

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Discover EA – Environmental Action a swiss-based team of sustainability leaders committed to delivering innovative and actionable research and consulting services to global organizations.


Plastic Overshoot Day - Report Summary

This abbreviated version of the full report offers a comprehensive assessment of the global impact of plastic pollution. It provides a concise overview of the global plastic production and pollution, offering insight into the distribution among different country archetypes.


Plastic Overshoot Day - Full Report

This comprehensive report offers a thorough assessment of the global impact of plastic pollution.  By including identity cards for all countries, this report bridges a crucial knowledge gap and provides valuable insights that can enhance the prioritization research and actions related to marco- and micro-plastic leakage, as well as plastic pollution in general.


Plastic Overshoot Day - Open letter

To fight the plastic crisis and protect human health, Governments from around the world must negotiate a Global Plastics Treaty that legally requires countries to urgently clamp down on the chronic mismanagement of plastic waste. There is not a moment to lose.


Plastic Overshoot Day: Methodology

This guide presents the methodology behind Plastic Overshoot Day, specifically on the Mismanaged Waste Index (MWI). It outlines how the index is calculated and draws on the concepts utilized in the narrative of Plastic Overshoot Day.


Plastic Overshoot Day: Detail by country

This document provides information on the Plastic Overshoot Day of each country, along with its mismanaged Waste Index (MWI). 


WBCSD Enabling corporate plastics disclosure

This white paper is published ahead of the second session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastic Pollution (INC-2 in Paris, France, 29 May to 2 June 2023) with the aim to:

  • Clarify the metrics that companies should use for plastic pollution accounting purposes, with a focus on the measurement of plastic leakage and circularity.

  • Embed these metrics into a comprehensive corporate accountability system for plastic pollution that could help companies comply with the future International Legally Binding Instrument (ILBI) to end plastic pollution currently being negotiated by UN member states.

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