Impact Report 2023

EA Earth Action is not just a consultancy, research organization, or driver of system change. EA encompasses all of these and more, united by a broad commitment to drive transformative change.

This report highlights the solutions, sciences, initiatives, and actions that Earth Action has achieved during 2023.

Key Highlight for 2023

  • Adding it up report: Our study introduces a novel method of measuring the leakage of additives caused by mismanaged waste.
  • Plastic Footprint Network: In 2023, EA convened Plastic Footprint Network, a network comprising 100 professionals from 35 organizations. Through collaborative efforts under EA’s coordination, they released an updated version of the plastic footprint methodology. The Plastic Footprint Network website now provides 11 modules for professionals, assisting in the measurement of plastic leakage and directing mitigation efforts effectively.
  • Launch of Plastic Overshoot Day: Introduced in 2023, our report sheds new light on the plastic pollution crisis, aiming to support UN Plastic Treaty negotiators and other global actors in addressing this urgent issue. We’ve recently launched the 2024 report, setting Plastic Overshoot Day on the 5th of September 2024.
  • International clients: We’re proud to have partnered with 59 international clients, supporting them on their sustainable journey. From conducting plastic footprint analyses to assessing carbon footprints, performing Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), and providing access to our Plasteax data for comprehensive plastic waste management, we remain dedicated to supporting their sustainability objectives.



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