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Research & Consultancy for Impact 
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We are a fully INDEPENDENT and project - funded organization that connected to business and real world

We use SCIENCE to analyse environmental problems and to provide tailored impactful solutions

Scientific excellence for effective solutions 

Research, consultancy and action


Development of plastic footprint methodologies, data collection and modelling


Training for companies and organizations on the use of footprint methodologies

Stem -


Seeds -

Social Impact

We like scoping strategies for big impact, therefore we develop our own  “ACTION projects”

Based on our research, we develop CONSULTANCY services to scale up our impact with more users of the actionable knowledge, methodologies and data we generate

Roots -



We continuously explore new subjects, we push the boundaries of RESEARCH in many fields; this is the roots of our work.

Current Projects

We work towards a better world, an environment clean from plastic a cooler planet. We do this through data transparency, being at the intercross between science, consultancy and action

Our Work
Our Impact

Strive for impact at all levels



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Over 25 publications on plastic pollution, planetary boundaries and ecodesign 

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Over 300 people trained in plastic footprint, circularity and LCA  



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Over 50 footprint assessment delivered to companies, organizations and governaments

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Creators of first platform for plastic environmental analytics with the best in class data



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Network with over 30 companies and international organizations including IUCN, UNEP, WBCSD, WWF, WEF and PEW

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Part of Reffnet, WBCSD, Plan Climat Vaud, WWF call for Global Plastic Treaty

Contact Us

Contact Us

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