Research & Consultancy for Impact 
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Scientific excellence for effective solutions 

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We are a fully independent and project - funded organization that connected to business and real world

We use science to analyse environmental problems and to provide tailored impactful solutions

Consultancy, research and drawdown

Our jobs are commissioned by industry and organizations, public and private sector. We offer consultancy services to identify issues in carbon and plastic footprint and propose solutions

We explore new subjects, we are at the forefront of research on environmentally relevant hot topics

We advocate and found our own projects. We actively involved in climate drawdown initiatives, conservation efforts and are promoters of impactful environmental activities

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Strive for impact at all levels



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Over 25 publications on plastic pollution, planetary boundaries and ecodesign 

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Over 300 people trained in plastic footprint, circularity and LCA  



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XX footprint assessment delivered to companies, organizations and governaments

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Creators of first platform for plastic environmental analytics with the best in class data



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Network with over 30 companies and international organizations including IUCN, UNEP, WBCSD, WWF, WEF and PEW

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Part of Reffnet, WBCSD, Plan Climat Vaud, WWF call for Global Plastic Treaty


Life Cycle Assessments of product and services, corporate carbon footprint 


Development of plastic footprint methodologies, data collection and modelling


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Training for companies and organizations on the use of footprint methodologies